Description of assignments



You will succeed in this class if you (1) attend lecture, (2) attend section, and (3) do the problem sets.


Weekly check-in

Every week, while you finish working through the content, I want to hear about what you learned and what questions you still have. To do this, you will fill out a short-response on Canvas that simply asks you what (if anything) you: 1) found interesting or compelling from the content so far; 2) found confusing or muddly from the content so far.

Problem sets

To practice coding in R you will complete problem sets throughout the quarter. Feel free to work together on the problem sets but you must turn in your own answers to Canvas. You cannot work in groups of more than three people.

Coding challenges (extra credit)

From time to time, I will hold in-lecture 🔥🔥 coding challenges 🔥🔥 that the whole class will participate in. Students will have the opportunity to earn extra credit during these challenges.

Final project

You will code – using all of the tools from the course – an original data analysis of a mystery dataset. The format will be similar to the homeworks: a take-home RMD file with instructions and empty code chunks for you to fill in. Plus places to write your own analysis.

Grade disputes

If you believe that you received the wrong grade on an assignment or exam:

  • send an email specifying exactly which questions you believe were graded incorrectly, and provide specific justification for why your answer is the correct one. We will then regrade your entire assignment. Your grade may go up, down, or stay the same
  • I will only accept grade appeals up to three days after the posting of a grade

Extensions on assignments (excluding final project)

You can turn in the problem set/weekly check-in one day late, no questions asked, though you will lose a full letter-grade. Beyond that I will not accept late assignments without a doctor’s note, so don’t ask! The final project will not be accepted late.